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Calibration results (annual calibration)

Question asked by CraigH on May 21, 2010
Latest reply on May 21, 2010 by Dr_joel
We just had our network anlyzer (E5071C) calibrated at an outside lab. It was found to be out of tolerance. It was repaired: replaced port 2 reciever and level vernier.

The specific items that were out of tolerance were found during the "Uncorrected system performance test" and were as follows:

Source match: 10 dB out of tolerance 300kHz-3GHz
Directivity: 15 dB out of dolerance 300kHz- 3 GHz
Transmission and reflection tracking: Each ~ 2dB out of tolerance 300kHz- 3 GHz

My questions are related to our data taken with device before I sent it in for calibration.

With calibration measurements this bad, should it have been evident during a 2-port calibration?

Does this mean the measurements I took with a 2-port cal (S21, S12 etc..) are in question and should be taken again?

When I compare the measurements taken right before calibration to historical data (on the same device2 and 3 years earlier) the results are within .2 dB and acceptable in my opinion for the application.

Any thoughts or comment?