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U1602A Handheld Triggering

Question asked by rgmorin on Jan 26, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2011 by PVSed
I have been using my U1602 in the auto run mode to observe and capture signals on the fly.
  When I try to use the 'SINGLE / NORM' trigger mode to capture a turn on trace I am unable to do so.  The o'scope will not trigger.
  I have tried changing all the various functions, trigger type, coupling, levels, slope, even changing the trace position on the screen, nothing so far has produced a triggered trace.  'SINGLE / NORM' or 'RUN / NORM' mode.

  Firmware version is:  2.5.5 (as rc'vd, not upgraded)
  I'm using the Agilent 1:1 o'scope lead.
  I've tried triggering on a one volt DC signal and a 1 volt AC sine wave with no effect.

  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,