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6000 series : So what exactly is a "MPT"..?

Question asked by whitewing on Apr 17, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2007 by dnt
My MSO6034A supposedly has "1Mpts" acquisition memory (early version before they had 2M as standard).
However if I do a Single mode  acquisition at 100ms/div, with only one analogue channel on and the digital channels all off, it shows the sample rate as 250KSa/sec, (and the SCPI ACQ:POIN command confirms that it is acquiring 250Kpoints).
Zooming in with vectors off confirms that it appears to be sampling at 250kpoints/second.
Now as one screenful at 100ms/div is 1 second. I would assume that '1Mpts' means 1M sample points.
So what happened to the other 750K ?

Or does Mpts have some non-obvious meaning not directly related to number of samples acquired?