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N9912A FieldFox questions

Question asked by swperk on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by swperk
I just received my N9912A FieldFox analyzer--what an amazing instrument! I've only been playing with it for a few hours, but unfortunately I have already found what may be a firmware bug. I also have a couple of questions that don't seem to be addressed in the User's Guide. My instrument has firmware version A.05.53, and has options 106, 231, and 236.

First, here is the bug I found, related to the spectrogram display:

When I am displaying the spectrogram and invoke the full screen mode by using the "Spectrogram Settings" soft key in the "Meas Setup" screen, the display does not fill the screen. All it does is to blank the numeric fields directly above and below the display. The size of the spectrogram display remains identical to its size in the Overlay mode. When I am in the Overlay mode and invoke the full screen mode by pressing the "Full Screen" soft key in the "System" screen, the grid and the trace go to full screen size, but the spectrogram display remains the same size and in the same absolute position as before. The result of this is that the lower border of the spectrogram display is up about 2.2 major divisions from the bottom of the grid, and the left edge of the spectrogram display is shifted about 0.4 major divisions to the right of the left edge of the grid, so that the spectrogram display no longer lines up with the trace from which it is generated. Also, in this mode there are some grid lines drawn, but only in the parts of the spectrum display area where the spectrogram is not (i.e., the left border and the bottom). 

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Now for my questions:

1) What is the largest SD card I can use for storage? Can the N9912A use an SDHC card? My instrument has the MiniSD card slot.

2) I have the Microsoft "Streets and Trips" GPS that is recommended in the Technical Overview (5989-8618EN), but when I connect it to the FieldFox I get a "No GPS Device" error message, even though the GPS power light is on. I have verified that the GPS works with my laptop. I also have two different DeLorme USB GPS modules, but I get the same results when I try those. Any ideas?