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high power amplifier measurement in pulse mode

Question asked by e4411a on Feb 16, 2012
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I am trying to measure the insertion phase of a high power amplifier in the pulsed mode using the E8362C and the Z5623A modulator set up. The o/p of the amplifier is 46dBm at -25dBm i/p. The duty cuycle is 4%. I am using the narrow band detection. I am using a 20dB pad at the o/p of the DUT.

I do a electronic calibration at 0dBm with a 25dB Receive port attenuator and with the external attenuator bypassed. Then I connect the external  attenuator in the path and do a marker to electrical delay. Next i connect the DUT and measure the phase. Will this give me the correct indication of the insertion phase of the DUT. Is this the correct method?Please let me know if there is any other method that I could use?