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Pulsed Source Power Calibration

Question asked by pdj on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by pdj
Overview: Need accurate Src1 Port 1 power calibration. The implementation of the calibration will be a pulsed measurement with Src1 range = -40dBm to +10dBm.
Main issues: The power out Port1 with the Scr1 modulator enabled and the drive switched between CW and Pulse1 results in ≈ .25dB drop in power with a 12uS pulse width . I can correct for this with a sweep using R1 for the leveling mode with Use Last Result for Source Power Cal enabled but the IFBW needs to be close to 100Hz to get accurate readings at -40dBm. The IFBW that is needed for the 12uS pulse width is 100KHz.
Questions: Is it possible to write a driver for our R&S NRP-Z81 USB power sensor that will enable pulse power measurements? This would enable the calibration to be done pulsed. It would be great if the modulator drive and pulse generator data could be passed through to the driver so the sensor could be configured easily. Right now it seems only a user driver utilizing GPIB is available.
If pulsed calibration is not possible do you have a different approach I could try to get accurate calibrated pulse power?