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8510SX verification software vs E8363B verification software

Question asked by tagmantazy on Jan 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2011 by odanzy
Can anyone help with the following (possible) problem:

We are looking at replacing our 8510SX system (8510C with 8515A) with the Agilent E8363B OPT 010, 014, 550, 551, UNL and after downloading the Service Guide for the equipment it looks like we may have a problem.

We currently have the following Calibration Kits (for use with the 8510SX)

HP 85054B N-Type (3 Off)
HP 85050C Precision 7 mm (4 Off)
HP 85052C Precision 3.5 mm (3 Off)

We also have the following Verification Kits:

HP 85055A N-Type
HP 85051B 7 mm
HP 85053B 3.5 mm

We currently use the HP  08510-10033 software with the Verification Kits to check the functionality of the 8510SX and the associated Calibration Kit. All the verification kits have a full Agilent, Roseville calibration annually and we have found it the best way to check our calibration kits for problems.

I was hoping we could carry on this practice using similar software on the replacement Agilent E8363B system, but looking at the Service guide Page 3-22 for the E8363B, it only lists a 85052B/D 3.5 mm calibration kit and a 85056A/D 2.4 mm calibration kit. Is there any other software available for the Agilent E8363B system to replicate the functionality of the old 08510-10033 software, or does this mean our Calibration Kits would need a full annual calibration by Agilent and our Verification Kits would become obsolete?