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PLTS can't use SOLT cal kit that was defined using PNA

Question asked by cmwong on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2010 by cmwong

Currrently, PLTS works in PNA mode through LAN connection to PNA and TS. I have defined a SOLT cal kit for in-fixture using PNA. After which, I proceed to use PLTS 5.5 to perform a calibration using this SOLT cal kit saved in the PNA. I wanted to modify the thru paths so as to add an extra step for a 4 cross calibration. It seems that  I am not able to do so as error message pops up. In addition, the ports do not tally with my intended port numbers. Hence it doesn't allow me to proceed further.

I have tried to define a similar SOLT cal kit following the 85052D solt cal kit stored in the PNA but it didn't work too.

I have no problem using the original stored SOLT cal kit of 85052D in the PNA but not with my defined SOLT kit. My TRL calibration kit works fine with no errors too.

Please find attached error messages captured from PLTS (these messages were also displayed in PNA too).

Have any of you encounter similar situation? Your advice and suggestion is much appreciated.

Thanks very much.