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PNA Source/Load Mismatch Correction Calibration

Question asked by dtbespal on Feb 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2011 by Dr_joel

I am doing high-power measurements where I have inserted a driver behind the forward/reverse coupler on Port 1. This driver is inserted between "SOURCE OUT" and my high-power dual directional coupler that feeds the forward and reverse waves back to the PNA receivers.

My problem is that the output of the driver is not perfectly matched and this means that my calibrated PNA test port is also not 50 Ohms. This means my measurements will be incorrect because the PNA assumes that I am using a 50 Ohm system impedance

I can measure the reflection coefficient of my measurement port and I can save it into an S1P file. Is there any menu (fixturing?) that allows me to compensate for the port mismatch of the PNA?

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