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Will TRL Calibration work to measure 25dB RL in Chamber?

Question asked by jwrigley on Jan 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2009 by Dr_joel

Let me begin by saying that I am new to PNAs and their calibration. 

This is my situation:
I am required to run return loss and isolation data for a 2 port feed which will be inside a chamber.  The feeds interfaces are WR75 Copol waveguide for both Rx and Tx.  The output will be terminated into a well matched load.

Here is my equipment list:
1. Test Equity 1007C Chamber
2. E8364A PNA
3. 2 Six foot SMA cables
4. Two SMA to WR75 adapters.
5. Two High Quality Megaphase Cables
6. Two adapters to connect the Megaphase Cables to the SMA cables

So, my cascade is as follows:
PNA --> Megaphase Cables --> Adapter --> 6ft SMA cable --> Coax to WR75

Is it possible for me to measure any meaningful return loss using a TRL calibration in this configuration (I need to measure ~25dB)?  Ideally I would like to run waveguide into the chamber and use external coupling with the PNA but, routing waveguide is far more difficult than routing SMA cables.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.