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Ecal, using USER characterization, get error

Question asked by kavi on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by daras
Hello, I have PNAX N5245A with N4693A and 11901 adapters.  I am able to perform a user characterization and save that to the Ecal.  I am only changing the connectors from 2.4mm to 3.5mm by using the 11901.  When I try to perform a calibration selecting the User Characterization, I get the following error message: Message: 541 "Electronic Cal:  Unable to orient ECal module. Please ensure the module is connected to the necessary measurement ports." My port power is -10dBm, I am using the Agilent black cables 85133F, so that should not be a problem of losing too much power.  I am able to perform a factory calibration with the Ecal with the exact same setup but just selecting the factory cal.  I have firmware revision 9.31.01.  Any information is greatly appreciated.