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Having Trouble with LRRM

Question asked by James741 on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2010 by Dr_joel
I'm trying to get an LRRM calibration working for a VNA up to 67 GHz.  I’ve read at least one post that seems to indicate that Agilent doesn't favor LRRM calibration. 

My question is:  If SOLT calibration passes validation, but LRRM calibration doesn't pass validation, could this indicate that there is something wrong with the measurement setup?  My lab mates and I are concerned that a successful validation with SOLT may be masking something wrong with our setup, as we have tried multiple times to get LRRM to work (in addition to SOLT), but without success. 

Thanks to whoever may be able to answer this, or point me in the right direction.