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Use of 85032F Cal Kit w/ 8510C VNA

Question asked by wutzisface on Nov 5, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by wutzisface
We recently purchased an 85032F Cal Kit with intentions of using it with our 8510C VNA.   When it was delivered I discovered to my dismay the following note on page 3-1 of the 85032-9001 Users and Service Guide .
The 8510 network analyzer is no longer being sold or supported by Agilent.  However, you can download the 8510 class assignments and standard definitions from Agilent's Calibration Kit Definitions Web page at

After checking out this link I am confused as to which class assignments and standard definitions I should use.  For the 85032F 50 Ohm Type-N Calibration Kit they only have two listed; one for the PNA and one for the 8753D.
The only 8510 one listed is for the 85054B 50 Ohm Type-N Calibration Kit.
I am familiar with doing front panel entry of class assignments and standard definitions for Cal kits on the 8510.  My question is which one should I use?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'm hoping we haven't purchased a $2000+ Cal kit we can't use.