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Perform multiple calibrations at the same time

Question asked by osmobel on Aug 10, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2010 by osmobel
In my daily work I must perform tedious waveguide calibration at lest once a week. Given that my DUT must be measured in several frequencies configurations I must perform the full calibration for each configuration with the corresponding lose of time.

Do you know if there exists a way to pre configure several frequencies, spans and points an later calibrate all of them at the same time? I mean, once all the configurations in which you want to measure has been entered in the VNA, you connect the OPEN, LOAD .... etc,  and then the VNA automatically performs as many measurements as required to calibrate in all the configurations it may require.

So at the very end each element from the cal kit has to be connected once.

The VNA I use is the N5230C.

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