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2-Port Calibration of Probe to Waveguide

Question asked by Eshar on Jul 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2010 by Dr_joel
I have an on-chip antenna which is excited with a probe and 1.85mm cable connected to port 1 of a VNA. In order to measure the radiation pattern of the on-chip antenna, I have a rectangular waveguide aperature (WR-15) as a reference antenna which is excited from an adapter 1.85mm to WR-15 and 1.85mm cable going to port 2 of the VNA.

I would like to calibrate this system, that is change the reference plane to the probe tip for port 1 and to the adapter end (or at least to end of cable) for port 2. I know that for probe to probe systems ISS is used. For cable to cable, agilent makes standards. However, I am unsure how to approach this mixed probe to cable calibration problem. How do I get standards for this kind of calibration? What will a Thru be?

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.