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GCA and On Wafer Calibration/Measurement

Question asked by Madasila on Oct 20, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2008 by johanericsson

I've made on-wafer P1dB measurements of my DUT after following the GCA Calibration sequence on my PNA-X without any problems. But now, I'm wondering if the measurements are ok or not, because I am not sure if the loss in the RF Probes have been taken into account.

The first calibration step is the source power calibration where Port 1 has to be connected to a power meter. Thus at the Port 1 cable end, the power is known. Then, the cable is reconnected to the RF Probes (GGBs) and a standard full 2-port cal is done with a Standard Substrate. But now the reference plane has shifted to the probe tip.

Does the GCA use in any way this second calibration step (the full 2-port) to account for the losses in the RF Probes for Input and Output Power correction on my DUT???