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Waveguide calibration kit of 8753ES on PNA

Question asked by yarien on Apr 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2008 by daveb

We are trying to convert an inhouse created S11 waveguide calibration Kit of a 8753ES to be used on a PNA.
In the calibration kit of the 8753 ES we make use of a load at an offset position and at the reference position. For this we have defined 2 standards:
- "LOAD OFFSET" of the type "Load" and the selected the type "offset" 
- "LOAD No OFFSET" of the type "LOAD" and then selected the type "SLiding load".
These standards are then in the class assigment set at S11C.

How do we need to do this in the PNA? If I make use of the S11 SOLT with S11C defined as the 2 loads I have to measure 5 slide positions in order to get the "slide". While this in the 8753 is only 1 position.

Importing this cal kit in the PNA does not help.
Attached you can find the current structure of our calibration kit.