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75 ohm Calibration thru 4+ GHz

Question asked by alexz26 on May 10, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by joonlee95
We have an Agilent N5230A (thru 50 ghz, 50 ohm 2.4mm) and have 3 options for calibrating to 75 ohm interfaces (Type F (Agilent), Type N (Agilent), BNC (Maury 8580A).  These are all rated thru 2 GHz.  We also utilize Agilent Type N 75 min loss pads (rated to 2 GHz).

My question is with the TV industry pushing beyond 3 GHz for HD signals (Certain customers wanting VSWR, IL results to 6 GHz) are the above Cal kits sufficient?  Does our company need to get a dedicated 75 ohm VNA to meet these new requirements?

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