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Correction table for the couplers

Question asked by JrV on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2009 by Dr_joel

I am using the PNA-L N5230C.

I connect Source Out (-10 dBm) to a power splitter (via a 20 dB attenuator)
one output to the measurement receiver A (RCVR A IN)
the other to Port 2.

If I look to the values at Port 2 I obtain -32 dBm
If I look to the values at the measurement receiver A I obtain -16 dBm
(I measure between 1GHz and 2 GHz)

It seems that there is a correction table on that takes into account the coupling factor (=16 dB) of the couplers.
Can I disable this table?
What is the programming code (I am using VB Express)