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Cal Question for 8753ES with 75 ohm Cal kit 85036B Type N

Question asked by locktofer on Sep 21, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2009 by tsilchia001

I just joined this forum though I have been using the 8753ES for a while (75 ohm type, N connectors). The question is, when I do a full two port calibration, and I have short cables, one with a female end and one with a male end, when you do the transmission standard do you have to put in the "through" cal standard between the cable ends, or do you just connect the cables together, as they will mate perfectly OK? I read the manual on page 6-31 and it is not clear really. I am worried that if you don't put in the cal standard the coefficients may be off due to phase difference going through it, but a colleague here said you simply connect the two cables together with nothing in between. Also, what if you don't happen to have two cables that mate nicely, say you have an N female and N female, is that when you are supposed to use the thru cal standard that comes in the kit?

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