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"Correction" soft key

Question asked by ashishbondia on Aug 27, 2009
I am using E5071B VNA for characterizing one LNA. I did a 2 port Calibration uisng *5032F calibration standard kit. I did Reflection calibration on both the ports using Open, Short and Load from the kit. For through calibration I used a Coaxial cable that I use for conecting my DUT to the VNA ports.

After the calibration was done I connected my DUT to the VNA. I find that the S11 and S22 readings on the VNA do not change, they are same as ttha would be for a perfect short or perferct open. Even the S21 and S12 reading were incorrect. I noticed that the "Correction" Soft key in the Calibrationmenue was "ON". When I pushed it to "OFF" state I could see proper S11, S22, S12 and S21 values.

I was wondering what mistake I was doing. To obtain correct reading after calibration, the "Corerction must be "ON" (as per the user guide).

If anyone has encountered such issues or have any suggestions then please share your views on this