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Questions about N & 3.5mm Calibration kits

Question asked by jackzhu on Aug 17, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2009 by daveb
Hi, we are having some problems with the IQC of our customer. We use 85033D to calibrate testing fixture with sma connector. We used adapter removal technique. However our customer only use N calibration kit in their IQC, at same time they use sma cables, so that they use N kits with N-SMA adapters to do the calibration.

We supplied them our testing fixture and thru. At 1805~1880MHz, they had very worse insertion loss than we had.Then, if we use their cable, our calibration kit 85033D, it is just fine. However at 2.3~2.4GHz, their calibration kit looks ok comparing to ours.

We couldn't figure why? Is there anyway we can check the accuracy of calibration? I suspend that their N to SMA adapters are the problems. Please let me know what you think. Thanks