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TRL Calibration on a PNA instrument

Question asked by silver_mica on Jul 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2008 by RayH

I'm planning on constructing a PCB with a TRL calibration (THRU, OPEN and LINE).  I've read through "Applying the 8510 TRL Calibration for Non-Coaxial Measurements - Product Note 8510-8A" and also "Stripline TRL Calibration Fixtures for 10-Gigabit Interconnect Analysis."

This was definitely informative to read, but it didn't get into specifics of how to perform the calibration on the PNA.  I played around with the PNA a bit and it seems that I must select a cal kit prior to performing a calibration, but what to I do if I made a TRL cal kit on a PCB?

Can I use the PNA with a custom TRL calibration standard?

If so then how do I perform the actual calibration?