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TRL cal in E8363B PNA

Question asked by ehshehsh on Jun 29, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2008 by odanzy
I am trying to measure up to 40GHz using ACPGSG500 probes(Two port).
I was able to calibrate by using SOLT in the provided ISS up to 20GHz.
However, the calibration results by SOLT for over 20GHZ was very unstable and -20dB loss in s11 open. Also, it gave warning 'additional calibration is needed' for 20-40GHz calibration process.
What is 'additional calibration standards?
(When I checked the saved touchstone file, s11, s22 from 20GHz to 40GHz was all zero!)

Thus, I tried to do TRL calibration by using the same ISS kit, but
PNA does not let me start TRL calibration.
When I choose 'unguided' TRL, it kept giving an error message about
frequency range or 'standards on S11a is not defined'.
From my understanding, I do defined the standards for S11a like 'open', 'short', etc.

Is there any documents for TRL calibration up to 40GHz?
or better SOLT calibration technique?
Thank you.