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get Screen Image from ESA

Question asked by bxchan on Jan 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2007 by odanzy
Objective: To download screen image from ESA spectrum Analyzer.
Problem : Unable to Using ReadSting() to get the content of screen_image.GIF in dotNet.

I had download a sample from agilent web page but a have a problem for converting this one using visa-com in Visual Studio DotNet.

This is part of the original code writen in VB6   
status = viVQueryf(vi, ":MMEM:DATA? 'C:PICTURE.GIF'" + Chr$(10), _
             "%#y", ArrayPtr(0))

Similar i try to using VISA.Com i using iodmm.ReadString() instead of viVQuery(). i found the ReadString() unable to read all the content of the GIF file

this is the sample programming that i did.
iodmm.WriteString(":MMEM:DATA? 'C:PICTURE.GIF'" )

very appreaciate if some one can help.