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Using Test I/O or Handler I/O on N5230A (PNA)

Question asked by Marc on Jan 15, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by Dr_joel
Hi there.

I am controlling a N5230A from a PC (running Win 2000) using LabView 7. The 835x libraries and type definitions have been installed and registered and the example VI ( works fine 8) That's rather good news.

Where can I find a comprehensive guide on classes, functions, properties and methods ?

I suppose I can mimic the the demo VI ( and manage to successfully control the main VNA parameters, perform measurements and retrieve the results on the PC. But, in addition, I need to control the Handler I/O and/or the Test I/O connectors (on the back panel) to automate measurements. And I have absolutely no data on these interfaces  ...