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Determining status of current calibration?

Question asked by on Jul 17, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2006 by ClifG
I am writing a driver for the E5062, and trying to make it behave similarly to the driver for the old 8753 so as to reduce user confision.  In the 8753, after setting all the settings (start, stop, sweep type, etc...) the last thing I did was send CORR ON - this would fail (i.e. CORR? returned 0) if anything had changed which invalidated the previous cal (e.g number of points, sweep type, etc.)
With the E5062 after sending all the settings I send :SENS1:CORR:STAT ON and then check the state with :SENS1:CORR:STAT? - it always indicates success (1) even though the cal may be invalid (indicator on main display shows C?).  So my question is : How can I determine if the current cal is valid?  I have tried various queries including :SENS1:CORR:TYPE1?, :SYST:ERR?, :STAT:OPER? and none of them seem able to tell me if the current cal is valid.  I would prefer not to invalidate the cal if its not necessary (e.g. the user may have only examined settings, not changed anything) but that is the my only alternative at this point.