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Excel in oscilloscope 54832B

Question asked by semen on Nov 15, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2006 by odanzy
I use oscilloscope 54832B. I need to save waveforms automatically within some time interval (like several minutes or seconds) and then process accumulated data with other software off-line. I want to do it with Excel macros.
What I did:
1. I have installed Excel directly to 54832B.
2. I have downloaded and installed intui_54800_1_0.exe - driver for Excel
3. I started Excel and found this Agilent Ifiiniium Scope panel in Excel.
4. I tried to connect to 54832B by pressing 'Connect to Scope' button. Infiniium was ON and grip address was '1'. But no connection was archived. I pressed either 'Test' or Find 'Ports' buttons.

What is wrong? Do I have to install something else? Or to configure oscilloscope somehow?
Please, help me.