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PNA-X _ K-factor problem with extention port loss enable

Question asked by mirek on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by mirek

I see a problem with using k-factor math function and port extension/port loss function on PNA-X.
What I see that the value for K-factor from PNA-X do not correspond to calculated K-factor using s2p file plugged to ADS when port loss is enable.
The problem is that the port loss of port 2 is not applied to the calculation of K-factor (port 1 loss look like is there). However the port loss is apply correctly to the RF data (or s-parameters) it self.

The first thing that I notice was that when I apply port extension  to test fixture( with port loss) the K- factor improve for my amplifier – usually it is opposite as it reduce transmission line loss and make return loss on S11 & S22 worst at high frequency.

The effect is more visible at high frequencies (5 ,10GHz or higher frequency) as the fixture transmission line heave higher loss.

I see the same problem with at list two FW versions A.09.33.07 & A.09.22.12.
Other FW might be effected too.
Can somebody look in that?