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5071C Power Cal in Ext Test Mode 1

Question asked by dmrca on May 25, 2011
I am trying to do a stepped frequency power cal on the 5071C (4 port) in external test mode 1.
The calibration power out of the booster amplifier is around 30 to 33dBm.
I am using the offset loss table for the attenuator that has approx 40dB of attenuation.
The power meter is connected to the attenuator prior to cal.
The problem is that the take cal sweep will not run (power meter unsettled error) until I set the tolerance to 5dB more than the values of the offset loss table.
It appears that 5071C does not use the offset loss table for the power meter readings (if I ran the power cal with the tolerance stet to 45dB the system calibrates but the calibrated power is at -15dBm not the 30dBm I need)
I also cannot put the offsets into the power meter as the 5071C automatically turns off the offset of the power meter off before taking the cal sweep.
I use this method on a 8753ES without problem.
Is there a problem with the 5071C in that is does not apply the offset loss table to the power meter or am I just not setting up the analyzer correctly?