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PNA-X FWA.09.33.07 - IMD bug in Source leveling settings

Question asked by mirek on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by nielsj
I think that I found a bug in IMD class Source Leveling Settings in FW. A.09.33.07. In a form Sweep IMD Setup there is Source Leveling Setting poll down menu that by default is set to internal.

If you change that to let say B receiver couple time the system will show DSP error: "DSP did not respond with in time out period". After the error the network app will freeze.

Besides the above error the RX source leveling still do not work with IMD class as well standard class with frequency offset.
I pointed that I believe in last October with some follow up in January, and It look like it still not fix.
Can somebody look in that? This function is essential for measurement of intermodulation for monolithic amplifiers over wide band of frequencies.

The last FW that work for me is A.09.22.15.