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Help: Sig Gen & PNA configuration plus SCPI advice...

Question asked by CraigEwens on Dec 20, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2007 by dgun
I have a PNA (E8363B) and a Signal Generator (E8254A or E8257D or E8267D).

The Sig Gen has a cable and other components coming from the RF output for which I'd like to accurately know the difference between what the Sig Gen is setting and what is actually exiting my path.

The way we have done this in the past is position a Power Meter at the end of the cable and loop though frequency points (one at a time) on the Sig Gen whilst measuring on the PM. This method is obviously very time consuming and the resolution between frequency points is quite large. We then use the offset obtained for that frequency point each time we set up a level using the Sig Gen.

Due to the test set up we cannot characterise the path from the Sig Gen separately.

I am looking for a solution which involves the PNA (with possibly a Receiver Power Cal?) and the Sig Gen sweeping frequency and obtaining a trace of absolute differences between the Sig Gen's output and the PNA's input.

Firstly would this approach be recommended? And if yes, what is the physical configuration I'd be expected to set up and any hints on which SCPI commands I'd be requiring?

I hope my description of the issue makes sense; if not please ask for clarification.

Thank you

[edit]Basically we've got a number of tests and configurations which i feel can be adapted to use the PNA (in the aim to be quicker and more accurate) as the main instrument. This should simplify the test rack configurations... the situation described above was the first on my list to evaluate[/edit]