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Converting HP Vee 4 Program to Agilent Vee Pro 7.5

Question asked by fordtough06 on Aug 20, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2006 by odanzy
We have a program that was originally created with HP Vee 4.0. This program currently runs on a Windows 95 system that collects data from a 34970A Data Acquisition Unit.  The 34970A is interfaced with the PC via an HP ISA GPIB board.

We now want a similar program to run on a Windows XP machine that will have Agilent Vee Pro 7.5. The 34970A will be interfaced to this PC with a National Instruments 488.2 PCI-GPIB board. This board is already installed on the PC.

How do I convert this program (from HP Vee 4.0 to Agilent Vee Pro 7.5) so that it will work on this newer system.