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Embedded LO problem

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Mar 1, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by cgantz2000
We have one PNA-X that is operating in a peculiar way when doing Embedded LO, as compared to other PNA-X's with identical firmware. All PNA-X's have firmware version A09.22.12.

We setup states without connecting to a DUT. The Embedded LO is set to precise. For all other PNA-X's, the Embedded LO delta frequency, after a sweep, is within a few KHz of zero delta. For the PNA-X with the problem, the delta is several MHz. When we try to make a measurement later with a real DUT, the Embedded LO fails to find the signal. If we set the Embedded LO to Broadband and precise, or increase the Embedded LO IF bandwidth to the MHZ region, the PNA-X will find the signal.

When I go into the Embedded LO dialog box and try to set the sweep span, the PNA-X only allows me to set a minimum value of 9 MHz. All other PNA-X's allow me to set any sweep span.

Any idea what the problem is.