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ENA 5062 Handler I/O Port PASS/FAIL Strobe (Pin36) Question

Question asked by phr0zen on May 2, 2006
Latest reply on May 2, 2006 by Dr_joel
I would like to use a E5062 series network analyzer to perform automated testing.  According to the manual, there is a PASS/FAIL Strobe (Pin 36) of the Handler I/O port.  It also states that it is a negative strobe.  I assume that the status of this line is based on the result of the limit test pass fail status.  Is this correct?
What is the length of this strobe pulse, or should it remain negative/positive for a constant Pass/Fail condition?  Would I need to change any settings/options in order to use this line?  I was unable to observe a high/low voltage transition with the limit test set using a standard VOM.