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Network Analyzer Quality Factor Measurements of Components

Question asked by SOLT_guy on Feb 20, 2011
Dear Sir:

      I own a 8753C network analyzer with the TDR option.

      Recently, I came across a post whereby an individual wanted to calculate/measure the quality factor of an inductor.

      This is the post link:

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       The individual who made the post and an agilent engineer attempted to post supporting literature with regard to how these calculations were made.  Unfortunately, all the links are broken.   Can someone please point me to a link where I can download this literature?

        This web posting also made reference to some equations which can be utilized to calculate the quality factor of components using S parameter data.   

         Can someone at Agilent point me to a reference where I can verify these equations and identify the pitfalls of making component quality factor measurements using S parameters?     With regard to making calculations of the quality factor of my components, I prefer to use S21 data.   Equations that utilze S21 data would be appreciated.