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How to dump trace data from 8510b to array?

Question asked by ChrisC on Dec 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2008 by ChrisC
Hello looking for a little help getting trace data from the 8510 into a array in VB.NET

Some examples I have seen use FORM3 however I can't seem to get data out using FORM3 and have had to use FORM4 and dump to a string. Which is a pain because I then have to parse the string into an array. My string code is below minus the other lines used to parse the string.

Does anyone have example code showing how to dump FORM3 to an array?


      Dim ioMgr As Ivi.Visa.Interop.ResourceManager
        Dim hp8510 As Ivi.Visa.Interop.FormattedIO488
        Dim tData As Object
            ioMgr = New Ivi.Visa.Interop.ResourceManager
            hp8510 = New Ivi.Visa.Interop.FormattedIO488
            hp8510.IO = ioMgr.Open("HP8510")

            ' hp8510.IO.TerminationCharacterEnabled = True

            hp8510.WriteString("S21; POIN201; SPAN 0.5GHZ; CENT 9.6GHZ; SING; FORM4; AUTO; OUTPDATA;")
            tData = hp8510.ReadString

        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try