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PNA E8364B - need to keep source alway on

Question asked by nickmmw on Dec 10, 2007

I have the Nov. 2007 firmware installed on a PNA E8364B. I am writing a program to acquire S2P data as a function of power and freq. For my application, I must have the sweep-type set to 'CW-time'. My PNA settings are:

- CW-time, stepped sweep, trig=point-sweep mode
- port powers must be uncoupled
- configured in high power mode, via ext. jumpers and PA

I am varying the power to the dut from some pmin to pmax. The problem is that the source turns off everytime I set a new power level. This toggling action between 'off-power' and 'on-power' is not desired for our dut's. Is there a way to keep the soruce power always on?

The dual-source PNA's have this option, is it possible to request this feature for the E8364B's. How difficult would it be to add this to the firmware?

Thank you.