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Firmware KIT REV 3.0 or upper for 8753B network analyzer.

Question asked by aralebd on Aug 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2008 by bwoodwor
I have an old (obsolete) network analyzer HP 8753B.
I have connected it to a computer with a GPIB-USB converter (e.g. Agilent 82357A adaptor). The instrument is identified and communication is established.
I have encountered a problem though:
The instrument gets locked after one command.
To free the lockup I have to reset the instrument manually (Pushing the button “Preset”, no software command, including *RST is accepted after lockup).

The problem is also described as a known problem in the web site ‘Agilent 8752/53 Firmware History in the section 8753B as :
EOI caused hang-up.

This problem was fixed in the Firmware 2.02 and later.

(the issue can be found here: ... htm#53b300 ).

Our instrument has the Firmware Rev 02.01 which is before the problem was fixed.

What I need is the following:

1) Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can find Rev 3.0 Firmware KIT for the 8753B ?

2) For the case of not finding the original Rev 3.0 Kit:
The service manual for the 8753B (the one I downloaded) does not contain detailed schematic nor a list of the Firmware components.
Does anyone know where I can find information on the hardware of that REV 3.0 firmware (EPROM, E2PROM?, other type of PROM? How many in a set? Schematic containing detailed description)?
I would like this information before spending time on finding someone with a 8753B analyzer having the correct Firmware Rev for copying.