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How to get an Agilent instrument manufacture serial number

Question asked by arnodk on Dec 7, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2007 by dgun
I'm developing a Test Platform in C++ where I have support of many Agilent instruments.

With my Test Platform I have a database to store all tests performed on DUTs (Device under test) and information about which instruments that were used to execute the test.
It it very important to store the instrument type and it's manufacturer serial number so I can trace back and see exactly what instrument I used for each test. (The test station park can have many instruments of the same type - I have to keep track of them all in test database and therefore I need a unique identifier for each instrument)

I'm using VISA as interface with the Agilent instruments and can get the instrument type by analysing the answer from "*IDN?" command.
But I can not get the manufacture serial number or just some other unique number from the instrument?

I'm looking for a VISA command that will return a unique number on any given Agilent instrument? (I've seen a serial number in answer from "*IDN?" on some instrument types - but I am looking for a command that will return a unique number on all instrument)

I guess Agilent use that unique identifier as well when they produce their instruments - and I guess that number is not only on back of the instrument but also saved in instrument software?

Regards Thomas Jensen