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Remote Selection of an External Source

Question asked by LOlson on Nov 2, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2007 by daras
I called the support line and received a case ID but no one was available at the time and I need a resolution as soon as possible. I am living on the bleeding edge and using a beta of the latest 7.50.xx firmware referred to as a "customer" version. I am trying to automate a large number of FCA cals and I have run into a issue. The external source must be calibrated from the same menu item as an internal source power cal. That wouldn't be a problem except that it requires an external source to be selected. But the selection of an external source can only be done manually and it is deselected when the instrument is preset. So while I can live with not being able to configure an external source remotely, I really need the ability to select one remotely. An alternative that I believe I can live with is to not have the selection cleared when the PNA is preset.