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How to pass control to 8752C for external disk drive ops

Question asked by jne on Oct 26, 2007
I can make my 8752C communicate with an external disk drive using Save/recall/Select Disk/External Drive on the front panel but can't program VEE to do it.  I've tried following the "Controlling peripherals using pass-control mode" examples in the Programmer's Guide but without success.

I've tried to write a disk cataloging routine that starts
OPC?SING/CLES/ESE2/SRE32/EXTD/REFTD/USEPASC followed by SPOLL until bit 6 is set in the status byte and then checked for bit 5 set.  It works OK to that point since bits 5 and 6 are set but I don't know how to continue.  I think the next command should be the interface op EXECUTE PASS CONTROL 718 (the 8752C address) but VEE reports no device at that address.

Please help.