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agilent 33120a remote command over gpib

Question asked by saverico on Apr 13, 2007
Hi. Iam making a program in labview that i need to be able to control agilent 33120a signal generator(SG in further text). Its supposed to adjust the SG output in case that the output of the amplifier is varying(i need it to be constant).

the scheme is something like this

    /\                      !                 !
     !                      !                 !
     !                       MULTIMETER 34401
     !                      !

The problem is: if i know what voltage on the multimeter is supposed to be at a certain output, how do i adjust the sg in case its greater or less than what i want? I was searching for command syntax on the internet but so far nothing. I know how to set the SG, but i dont know how to tell him to
increase output to for example 3Vpp. Setting an constant value is easy but incorporating it into a loop is problematic for you.

I would be thankfull for any suggestions.