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N5230A PNA Unguided Calibration

Question asked by ceken on Jan 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2007 by daveb
Dear all,

I am trying to write "unguided SOLT calibration" function in VEE to Agilent PNA N5230A Network Analyzer. When I use Network Analyzer's interface to do an unguided calibration there is no problem(good S21 characteristic on Network Analyzer when thru is connected) but when I do calibration using my function as described in Network Analyzer's users guide) there is more than 2 dB ripple(S21) when thru is connected.

While calibrating, after connecting the standart(open, short or Broad band load), Network Analyzer prompts a message where one can select the sex of the standart as male or female, but i could not find a SCPI command to do that. Is this the problem?

Any suggestion?Or any written code sample in any language?

Cengiz EKEN, Test Engineer