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Cannot get PNA to operate in Analog Sweep mode

Question asked by stewp on Aug 2, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2006 by alanE
I am having problems with a customer of mine that is running an antenna measurement software package.  He selects from the software "analog sweep" instead of "stepped sweep", and he can see that the PNA goes into this mode.  But, when he begins the data acquisition (global triggers, manual triggers) nad we begin to issue COM trigger commands, he finds that the PNA has returned to stepped sweep.  He is running with about a 1 ms sweep time and a 40kHz IF BW, so neither condition that would cause PNA to automatically revert to stepped sweep.  The interesting thing is that if I pause the program right before triggers start, the system has already changed to stepped sweep.  If you go into the PNA screen and manually switch trigger scope from global to channel and then back to global, the PNA automatically returns to analog sweep, until the triggers begin.  Then back into stepped sweep.

Is there anything I am missing about analog sweep requirements that are tied to trigger mechanisms?  Any help greatly appreciated.