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Waveguide Component Testing and Calibration

Question asked by jackzhu on Jan 15, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2009 by jackzhu
Hi, we need some helps to test waveguide isolator by using 8722ES VNA.

We try to test WR 28 waveguide isolator of 37~40GHz by using 8722ES. Since we don't have WR 28 cal kit, can we use 85056A calkit plus 2.4mm testing cables 85133E, plus R281A waveguide to 2.4mm adaptors to perform the calibration and test?

My plan is to calibrate with cables and 86056A calkit first, and then add the adaptors to test, I need to take the adaptor impact out for insertion loss? How about return loss and isolation, how can I do it?

Thanks, Jack