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Urgent, Extraction of real S parameters of transistor ??

Question asked by nassim1 on Jul 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2008 by dgun
Hello everybody,

i have calibrated the VNA and measured diffrent TRL cal-kit, transistor with line. I want to konw how can i extract (de-embedding) the real transistor S-parameters.
The band of frequency that i want to get S-parametres transistor is from 1 - 30Ghz.

Is there any availlable application to use it ?

I measured thru 'T', Reflect 'R', line 'L' and Transistor with two line on in the left and the other in the right pad of transistor...........

pls help me .......

TRL calibration
- Open circuit ( 1,5cm) : Reflect (R)
- 02 Lines 50 Ohms (i.e, 2x1,5cm) : Thru (T)
- Line 50 Ohms ( 2x1.5cm + L/4 à la fréquence de travail) = 3cm + 1.85 mm : Line (L)
operating frequency : 24,125GHz,
substrat parameters : - epsilon r = 3.63
- H= 0.254 mm
- T=35 micro m .
I looked for internet i have found that ADS also perform calibration but i do know how!!! i tried to use de-emebed2 component available in ADS and it works but i'm not sure that gives correct result or no!!

Thank you in advance