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Calibration in 85070E (doubts)

Question asked by Danhen on Mar 31, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by amir001
Dear Gentlemen,

I have some doubts about the direction / distance calibration performed in
85070E application. I ask these questions help.

Use the ENA E5070B network analyzer, the electronic calibration module ECAL
N4691-60004 and 85070E software, all of the manufacturer Agilent.

The question is:

Regularly work with the software 85070E, in my case the software is more

However, before starting 85070E, perform the calibration of equipment ENA E5070B
with the ECAL (N4691-60004).

Specifically in this case, the calibration of ENA E5070B is needed?

Therefore end up being performed followed two calibrations, one for the ENA E5070B and
Subsequent to the other specific software 85070E, which involves the Dieletric
Probe Kit

Whereas the use of 85070E;

You need the calibration of the ECAL E5070B (no other item of
software / hardware involved, only the E5070B and ECAL)?

If so,

When the ENA-calibrate the ECAL, the calibration is performed far?

Until the connector that is fixed in one of the gates of ECAL?

The calibration of 85070E is valid for the entire circuit (ENA + Cable + coaxial probe) or only for the coaxial probe?

Now, I thank all the attention


(Electronics Technician / Student of Electrical Engineering)