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PNA Operators Check -> Problem!

Question asked by iss_matrix on Mar 4, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2008 by odanzy

Hello i hope someone is able to help me!


Iam working with a Network Analyzer E8361A (10 MHz - 67 GHz) this device was working very good but for some reason the measurement results are not so well! So i have tried a PNA Operator Check to test the System!
I made the following configurations:


Prompt for Attachment of short/Open


After i click on the begin button the Measurement an error message from sometimes none, without changing something! The error is on both ports the same one (receiver and Noise Floor), this happened with a short (85032F)!
If I however try the test with an open the test do not give me an error on port 1! But at port 2 I receive an error message on the receiver!


Know i have put an adapater on that from 1.85 mm to 2.92 mm to N-Type if made it without adaption the failure occurs again!


So where is the problem!!


Sorry for my English!!


Thanks anyway