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No Data After Calibrating N5230A

Question asked by davidprett on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2008 by davidprett
I am fairly new to this equipment and have a befuddling problem.

We are testing Optical Receivers. To match an 8510C we are replacing, we output on Port 2 and receive on port 1, with a N4373A LCA in line to convert the output to optical.

I have recently completed a SmartCal Calibration, using the 85052B kit purchased with the PNA. And I have no data showing up on any of the traces when that calibration is applied. S12 shows 0.0 fs delay, S11 shows -200 dB return loss, and S12 shows -200dB  magnitude.

I earlier performed an unguided calibration, (at the wrong number of points) and when I apply that info, everything works again. If I select the new cal, and do not change the stimulous settings, than it works, until I turn on the correction factor...

It acts like there is information in the Calibration that is disabling the system.

Any help will be appreciated.